Who are we?

Daily Deals Liquidation Bin Store is a family owned business located in Corona, CA. Our roots run deep in the Circle City, having lived here for over 25 years. We want to give back to our community by giving families in our area a break from the rising cost of living, including everyday goods. We’re confident that consumers and resellers can benefit greatly from Daily Deals.

What we do?

Daily Deals receives truckloads of a variety of merchandise that includes overstock items, discontinued products, customer returns, and surplus goods from retailers and manufacturers. Our inventory ranges from electronics and clothing to household items and accessories!   Inventory is organized into bins based on categories, such as clothing, electronics, household goods, toys, etc. Customers browse through the bins, since items are heavily discounted, the appeal is in the thrill of finding unexpected treasures at low prices. As items are sold, the store restocks the bins with new inventory to maintain a fresh selection for customers. Rotation ensures that customers encounter new finds each time they visit the store. New items every week!

What do we sell?

At Daily Deals, you can find practically anything! Our inventory consists of electronics, clothing, toys, tools, appliances, and furniture. We do not pick anything out of our bins, meaning customers can find items worth over $200! Everyday is a new chance to snatch a great product for your household or to resell!

How does it work?

Daily Deals has a countdown weekly pricing structure to ensure that items are only sold for however much their worth! Everyday of the week, the store has a set price per item. We want to give all customer an opportunity to snatch great deals from freshly stocked merchandise, so we have two full restock days (Friday and Saturday)! On both those days, our bins are stacked to the top with new inventory and we restock hourly throughout the day to make sure everyone leaves with a great deal! After those days, the price begins to decrease until Wednesday where every item is only $1! We then donate all the items left in the bins after Wednesday and restock the entire store with new inventory for the next Friday/ Saturday!